Monday, February 17, 2014

Helen Keller Braille Bulletin Board

My kiddos just finished our Famous Americans unit. I always love seeing which students gravitate to each as their "favorite." This year LOTS of my babes enjoyed Helen Keller, so one day we had a few extra minutes so I decided we could expand a little about what Braille was, exactly. First I wrote out each of their names in braille using tiny black circles for each letter. They put a dot of glue in each spot and the next day they could feel the letters in their name. 

I also gave each of them 4-5 circles (cut out with a 2" circle punch) and mixed 1/2 glue with 1/2 shaving cream and let them "paint." They REALLY enjoyed this! When the mixture dries, it feels like foam. We once again chatted about how important feeling things is when you can't see, and they were able to feel the dots on their desks with their eyes closed!

I finished off by hanging their name posters on the bulletin board (cute, right?) and added the foam dots under my words "We can read by touch" to effectively make my bulletin board braille! I'm sure it's not perfect, but the kids have L-O-V-E-D this activity. I've already had firsties come by to ask if they get to make one next year!