Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Patternosaurus Game

Hey there! I FINALLY got my Repeating/Growing Pattern game uploaded onto TpT for only $2.50.  At first the file was WAY too big but my wonderful sister showed me how to use Photoshop to make it smaller but still keep the amazing graphic quality.

There are 20 cards that each ask questions about repeating or growing patterns. I used KB fonts and the adorable Dino Days graphics from JC Sweetpea. They're adorable! Here's a sneak peak of a one of the pages:

And that's all I've got for today! School was closed thanks to the 3-5" of snow we were supposed to get last night. It didn't happen, but about 15 minutes ago we finally started seeing something fall! I hope it sticks!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's already January?

I cannot believe I have not posted a single thing since the first week of school! Woah! What happened to all of my spare time?!? We finished up the first semester on December 20, and just started back on Monday. Well, we went Monday. Yesterday and today were both too-cold-for-school days so I've been at home lounging around, updating my TpT store and trying my best to stay warm.

I've uploaded a free producers/consumers Christmas activity (yeah, should've done that BEFORE Christmas!) as well as two Christmas plays I've written for my church (5 bucks each). I've also added a free chart set that I made for a dear colleague looking for a better way to chart her students' IEP goals. She drew me a sketch of what she wanted and I was able to make it cute ;-).

Hopefully I'll get around to finishing up a few other things I've got going on (my computer is full of half-done projects) and post again before June!