Monday, March 17, 2014

Dr. Seuss Day "If I Ran the Zoo"

Thanks to the wild weather we've been having our school had to reschedule Dr. Seuss day twice! Third time's a charm, though, and last Monday we were finally able to dress up and celebrate. Our Reading Committee assigned a Dr. Seuss book to each grade level, and we rotated rooms throughout the morning so our kiddos could do activities that went with each book. Such fun!

We started out in the First Grade rooms with Yertle the Turtle. Each student made a turtle out of paper plates, then my class formed two teams to stack their turtles. The team with the highest stack won! Afterward, we tried to stack ALL the turtles into one big stack, but it didn't work so well due to the rule "You can only place it once, so be careful setting it down!" lol!

Next we went to the Cafeteria, where our librarian gave each student a freeze-pop and they watched The Sneetches on a projector. The school had bought each student a book and gave those out, too! 2nd Grade received The Castle Crime, an A-Z mystery chapter book. (We're reading in class, now, using Amy Lemon's Mystery Unit activity book. But I digress...

We then traveled to Third Grade, where we created our own bird eggs from Scrambled Eggs Super, and each kiddo pulled three index cards out for their new bird type. Then they drew a picture of what sort of bird might hatch from their egg.

In the Fourth Grade rooms the kids had to put on socks as mittens and try to pick up 3 plastic counters off the floor and put them in a bucket, relay-style. This was to go along with one of my favorite books, Fox in Socks. I especially loved this station because some of my kids who typically excel struggled a bit, whereas several of my lower-average kiddos were the shining stars. Not sure why, but I enjoyed watching the glow on their faces when they beat "the kid who is good at everything." Of course I didn't say any of this, it was just the thought in my head!

Anyway, then we went to the Fifth Grade rooms and used our hands to paint Thing One/Two (blue handprint for hair, red handprint for body) and then decorate circles for their face and name on the body. They enjoyed this a lot, and I played beanbag toss (into a trashcan decorated to look like a red and white striped hat) once the kids finished painting. This was for the book The Cat in the Hat, obviously!

We made our way outside and back in through the Kindergarten entrance, for One Fish, Two Fish, and the kids each received a small bag of colored goldfish crackers they had to graph and answer questions about. I loved how that was a math skill we were revisiting without them even realizing it. They also go to estimate how many goldfish crackers were in a jar- and one of my kids won 2nd place for the entire school!

The last stop we made was back in our 2nd Grade class, where we traced our hands and used the picture to create our own animals for If I Ran the Zoo.

Two weeks prior (before the first Dr. Seuss Day was snowed out) our kids decorated our hallway with their own animals. It was a blast!

Our kids always dress up for the special day, and this year our team had a request- we asked all of our kiddos to dress as animals (real or fictional) and my co-teachers and others on our hall went as the Zookeepers! I used a white button up shirt with a black cardigan for the top (It was supposed to be in the 20's on the original day, but on our new date it was SO hot in the mid-60's!!!) and I found the striped pants online. They were a little baggy, but I also had on my black shiny teaks for the shoes. My sister let me borrow a red cloth belt to make the tie, and I ordered a captain's hat online and painted it red, then stuck a sign that said "Zoo" on the front. I wish I had taken off my name badge for the picture, but, oh well! I think it turned out pretty cute. I'm not sure I will EVER find another time to wear those pants, but they were too perfect to not wear.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

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