Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pizza Fractions

Here is a collage I added to our Class Dojo page about the pizza fractions we made this morning. It was a hectic day (1/2 day sub, observed this morning, remembering all of the ingredients but forgetting plates!!!) and everything turned out great. 

We have talked about fractions for a few days, spent some time with fraction tiles yesterday, and today brought out fraction circles. The kids made various fractions, we discussed equivalency, and then they came to the carpet. We read Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza and discussed how the pizza would be split among the number of characters. Then we passed out ingredients to make our own mini pizzas (canned biscuit, shredded cheese, tomato sauce, and mini pepperonis, along with a fork and plate) and discussed the fractions involved (1/20 of the sauce was on Abbi's pizza, Braelyn used 0/20ths of the pepperonis.) They had an activity sheet to do as the pizzas were cooking, and then they had to split their pizzas into halves, thirds, and fourths before devouring! 


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